Penair Highschool invest in Harp Bio-digester CX5

Feb 16, 2021 | Case Studies | 0 comments

Penair Highschool decided to invest in a Harp Bio-digester CX5 with an integrated biomass boiler. This digester can process 2,000 litres of organic waste a week. This in turn saves the school an astonishing £11,000 annually. Before the Bio-digester they were spending an astronomical £11,000 on waste collection. Penair now have a complete food waste to energy process. By having this technology in their school they are able to use the biomass boiler to heat their facilities which in turn dramatically reduces their heating’s C02 emissions. All the excess digestate is then used as a fertilizer in their greenhouses. So all food waste is being utilised. The school also uses Veg Ware Eco Disposables which can be put straight into the digester, this has dramatically reduced the amount of litter around their premises and has reduced the amount of large bin bags, from 20 to a mere 3! This combined with the digester has helped the school in earning the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. This technology has also been used as a great educational tool to teach students all about sustainability. So that in the future, students are interested and determined to make this world a greener more environmentally friendly place to live.

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