The Harp CX5 Bio Digester

The Harp CX5 Bio Digester

The CX5 unit has been engineered to digest up to 5000 litres a week. This digester would be suitable for recycling centres, larger restaurants or business parks, campuses and Universities.

Clients that currently use our Harp CX5 are Astellas, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay and Penair Highschool, UK.

TYPE: Accelerated Aerobic Bio-digester
OPERATION: Continuous
PROCESS: Thermophilic (70ºC Nominal)
DIMENSIONS: Height 1525mm (60.05”) – Depth 1704mm (67.09”) – Length 3756mm (147.87”)
MAX INPUT CAPACITY: 5000 Litres / Week
NOMINAL OUTPUT RATE: Approx. 15-30% of Input Rate
POWER SUPPLY: 3 Phase / 400V / 25A
MOTOR POWER RATINGS: 0.75 kW / 0.37kW / 0.55kW
FILTRATION: Litres Activated Carbon (SAC 450) 400 Litres
OPTIONS: Remote Monitoring & Control (optional), Automated Infeed System (Infeed Hopper and / or Shredder), Bin Lifter, Standalone Shredder, Load cells.
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