Cincinnati Zoo Installation

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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden generates roughly 1,000 tons of organic waste a year. That’s TWO MILLION pounds! Mark Fisher, VP of Facilities at Cincinnati Zoo says “We were just sending it to the landfill, and there’s got to be a better way,”. Harp Renewables are delighted to be that ‘better way’ and recently installed a Harp CX5 Biodigester along with a bespoke-made Hopper and Bin lifter, to Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

All organic materials from Cincinnati Zoo, such as food, and manure are digested in the CX5 Biodigester and within a 24h period, the biofertilizer or ‘Fionalizer’ that Cincinnati Zoo has named it, after the zoo’s beloved young hippo, is produced.

The biofertilizer is then used at a farm in Warren County that grows food for the zoo animals. It will also be available to the zoo’s neighbors in Avondale to improve the quality of their own soil. Harp Renewables are delighted to be part of this amazing project, a fully circular economy!

WCPO reporter, Raven Richards stopped by at Cincinnati Zoo and discuss the Harp Renewables waste management solution with Mark Fisher. Watch the full video below.  

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