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”We haven’t sent any waste to landfill since we installed the bio-digester in December, The bio-digester makes people think a bit more about what they are doing and keeps everyone focused on ‘green’ ways to process waste. The process has been embraced by our tenants and has got them thinking more about waste segregation. They now unpackage their sent produce. As a result, not only are there no contaminated bins coming through, but we are creating added revenue by bailing our plastic. In preparation for a return to normal operations, we look forward to installing a second Harp – bio digester. We are delighted with this initiative which directly feeds into our People Planet Sustainable Strategy”

Michael Farrell, Estate Manager at Captial Dock Aramark Properties.

“Our customers are delighted that they now have a solution for food waste and are not contributing to unnecessary environmental damage caused by sending organic matter to landfill. Harp Renewables have been hugely helpful and very responsive to any questions we have had, particularly in the early days while everyone was getting used to using the bio-digester. There has also been a lot of interest in the bio-digester from other Local Authorities and the DCCAE. It would be an ideal solution to any organisation with excess food waste and I would have no hesitation in recommending Harp Renewables to any interested party.”

Bernadine Carry, Environmental Awareness Officer at Meath County Council shares

“Finnegan’s have always endeavoured to protect the environment by adapting appropriate farming techniques. Our sustainable approach to farming is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially beneficial making it work for us, the land and the community. Our aim is to produce healthy food without compromising our future generation’s ability to do likewise and that is why we invested in a Harp Bio-digester. All of our organic waste is digested on-site and put back into the land, where it belongs.


”Our Harp Bio-digester provides the perfect solution to the source segregated food waste problem we faced arising from 32 catering operations at Mermaid Quay. Our CX5 bio-digester is equipped with a bespoke shredder and is designed for easy loading to run continuously and to process the food wastes with the minimum amount of operator intervention. With cost savings – less operating costs of £15,954 per annum, the benefits to Mermaid Quay speaks volumes – and it will also have a positive environmental impact too, which is extremely important to us.”

Mermaid Quay

“We invested in a Harp CX5 Bio-Digester with a bespoke integrated biomass boiler as a solution to our waste costs. We are saving around £11,000 annually now. With this solution we are also able to use the biomass boiler to heat out facilities which in turn dramatically reduces our heating’s C02 emissioons. All the excess digestate is then used as an organic fertilizer in our on-site greenhouses. This is a great educational tool to teach all the students about sustainability so thatin the future, students are interested and determined to make this world a greener more environmentally friendly place to live.”

– Penair School

“We are delighted to work with an Irish company at the forefront of their field in providing the technology to repurpose our food waste. Harp Renewables was able to provide a solution and the technical backup to enable Astellas to reduce the mass of our food waste by over 70%”

Eamon Foley, Environmental Coordinator, DPS (on behalf of Astellas) shares “Astellas (Kerry Plant)

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